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EEG Report or Clinical history: CLINICAL HISTORY: This is a 24 year old woman with episodes of dizziness. EEG is requested due to concern for seizures.

EEG Description: The awake background included a very well formed and modulated 10 Hz posterior dominant rhythm that attenuated with eye opening. During drowsiness, identified by ocular signs and alpha attenuation, there was 2-4 Hz, frontotemporal polymorphic delta activity. Occasionally during sleep, 0.5 to 1 second bursts of approximately 2 Hz delta were observed which was localized over the T6 electrode. Stage II sleep was briefly identified by vertex waves, sleep spindles and K complexes. Hyperventilation and photic stimulation produced no abnormalities. There were no definitively focal, lateralized or epileptiform abnormalities.

EEG Interpretation: This EEG is normal awake, drowsy, and asleep. The right temporal focal slowing was not definitively abnormal appearing and may have been a normal variant. Clinical correlation is advised. A normal EEG does not exclude a diagnosis of epilepsy. Further EEG monitoring may be considered if clinically indicated.

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