Special Topics

Users will have the option to monetize their data (ratings and other attestations) through microfees. Bitcoin's lightning network will be an ideal method for micropayments. Big Tech's ability to monetize YOUR DATA through advertising will become a relic of the past.
Video: in preparation

Video: Loose Consensus. (in preparation)

One of the greatest impediments to the success of any decentralized system is the difficulty of establishing consensus on a common language. The Grapevine and the Concept Graph allow users to overcome this problem by establishing Loose Consensus (a.k.a. Loki Consensus). In this video I describe Loose Consensus and show how it arises through the application of the Principle of Loki.

Video: Phase 1. (in preparation)

Description of the plan for phase 1, the validation phase. Goal: demonstration of the utility of the Grapevine and the Concept Graph apps in the creation of Loose Consensus for W3C Standards, most notably for relevant specifications such as Verifiable Credentials, JSON-Linked Data, and DIDs. If and when W3C committee members endorse these as useful tools, it will be time for Phase 2.

Phase 2: Hybrid Platforms
Description of the plan for phase 2, the implementation phase, in which hybrid platforms will be created as direct competitors to legacy Big Tech platforms. Hybrid platforms will be proprietary and will have a familiar user experience for the average internet user, but will interface with the fully open-sourced platforms of the decentralized web. Data portability and superior content curation will provide competitive advantages of Hybrid platforms over legacy platforms. Users will have the ability to exit hybrid platforms for pure dWeb, but likely won't do so until the dWeb has matured considerably, including user friendly hardware for key management and sophisticated social web tools for regeneration of lost keys.
Video: in preparation

Video: Calculation of Grapevine Influence Scores. (in preparation)

Video: Concept Graph app: front end. (in preparation)

Overview of the user experience involved when creating and editing new concepts and organizing multiple concepts into a concept graph.

Video: Concept Graph app: back end background operations. (in preparation)

Video: JSON Schema property tree. (in preparation)

Video: the Principle of Loki and the Cerebral Cortex. (in preparation)

A presentation of the conjecture that data in the cerebral cortex is organized according to the Principle of Loki.